Notas del autor: Jonah Schwartz
Cine y TV Starship Buttfuck
Juan Ruocco y Jonah Schwartz
Orden vs auto-organización: Jonah y Juan se embarcan en un double dutch rudder lacaniano para analizar las implicancias sobre la violencia en Starship Troopers
Cultura The Flipper Seal of Approval
Jonah Schwartz
Tuna certainly got the shit beat out of it with the evolutionary ugly stick and would most definitely eat you and yours if given the chance. Dolphins, on the other hand, are cute and way smarter than you and save puppies: how to make your banal supermarket ritual more ethically problematic.
Cine y TV K=Judios, Spielberg=Nazi
Jonah Schwartz
When one studies film history in an American University, you are taught that the Nazis are really bad.